Pandora Christmas Polar Bear review

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Pandora Christmas Polar Bear review

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The Polar Bear is my favourite of the new Christmas beads. I love that there’s no pave, while the addition of a little enamel scarf is tastefully done and a nice addition. Pandora Jewelry Cheap Sale The charm is threaded, and he feels much more like a traditional Pandora charm, and yet the detailing is a bit more stylised and up-to-date than some of their older designs. His pose makes him look like he’s standing guard, waiting to flag Santa down for you!

We did previously have a dangle Polar Bear charm (which you can see in the styling section down below!), but I love that we now have a full-bodied design. It’s cute, Pandora Christmas 2018 Sale but not overly so, with a light touch on the detailing. Its face is chubby and cuddly, but minimally defined. The feet and hands have claws, but they are simply done. He looks kind of sleepy, haha.There aren’t really any surprises to be found at the back of the charm, or underneath. He has a little tail, and his scarf continues around, but there isn’t any extra detailing. The charm is very burnished and bright, as is common with Pandora’s more recent charms. Less oxidation, more shining silver.The scarf is quite dark in person, offering a more sophisticated lick of colour than some other Christmas red enamel beads. You could get away with styling this in a more general bracelet design, I think!

Pandora Christmas Promotion And this is how I’ve styled it! I’ve finally found a use for my silver triple leather bracelet, which has been bounced around many different designs and beads over the years. I’m really happy with this, though. The combination of the bright red and the light blue is unusual, but works for me.You can see what I mean about the Polar Bear being so shiny, though. The oxidised detailed of the older Christmas Teddy Bear charm is so much easier to catch on camera. The Polar Bear is smooth and shiny, and all the details are kind of swallowed up in the light!And now, as I mentioned in my last review, I’m going to take a little tour through my Pandora Christmas collection and designs! Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of Christmassy beads and have used them all in different ways, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at them all.
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