Pandora News Round-up for January 2018

Razmišljate o kupnji kunića ili ste ga tek dobili? Ovo je pravo mjesto na kojem ćete dobiti sve odgovore na vaša pitanja:)

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Pandora News Round-up for January 2018

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Happy new year everyone! Today’s post rings in the new year with my monthly Pandora Clearance Outlet news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2018 – we have the Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2018 collection launches, some Disney Parks updates, info on the next Pandora Disney UK release, and more!

Pandora Jewelry Cheap Sale I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating (or not celebrating) the new year! We cooked a nice dinner with family, and then spent the evening playing Pictionary, learning how to play poker and watching The IT Crowd.

I apologise again to anyone who was disappointed by Pandora Christmas 2018 Sale the Pandora SS18 sneak peeks being removed. I hope to be in discussion with Pandora about this soon, and will provide an update when I can. I’ve read through and appreciate, as always, all your interesting and thoughtful comments, but will hold off my responses for the time being.
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