Pandora Sweet Panda review

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Pandora Sweet Panda review

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Given that the Sweet Panda is almost entirely detailed in enamel, it’s amazing Disney Pandora Charms Cheap how much character and charm this little bead packs. He’s got adorably droopy soft panda eyes, and he’s posed just like a teddy bear. The little lick of green from the bamboo shoot is perfect, too – it adds a little bit of interest without being too bright or affecting the ways in which you might want to style this bead.

Pandora Disney Collection 2018 This was undoubtedly one of my favourites from the AW17 collection, so it was such a surprise to me that they didn’t release it in the UK. Pandora were always known for their adorably detailed animals back in the day, and it’s really fun to see them play around with that a little with the enamelwork in this bead. You can see the differences in style and technique when you compare it with their original retired silver panda bead (left).

The Sweet Panda is threaded, which I was relieved to see. You can find the hallmarks tucked discreetly away to the panda’s lefthand side. The other thing that I’d advise Pandora Clearance Outlet you to do with this one is to be extra careful to keep it away from perfumes, chemicals, sweat etc. – Pandora’s white enamel beads do have a tendency to yellow a little, especially when not treated with extra TLC.

Pandora Christmas 2018 Sale The level of detail in the bead evaporates a little as soon as you look at the back and the base of the charm, however. Most of the interesting stuff is at the front of the charm. In a plain silver animal bead, you’ll often find oxidised fur detailing or a tail or some other little hidden detail if you look all over the charm. However, as Pandora have made this almost entirely in enamel, they’re a bit limited as to the extra details they can add.
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